Q. Am I good enough to ski with Skiers Junction in Colorado?Are there additional costs?

A. As a general rule, if you can slide a box sideways and confidently ski hard blue runs you will fit in well with the Skiers Junction crew. Groups are determined by age and ability so that you can all push and progress together!

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring all your snow gear ie. Skis, boot’s, poles. If you need assistance in choosing the right gear feel free to contact us and we will bring you up to speed.

What else do I need to take?

Helmets are compulsory; you will not be able to ski without a helmet. When choosing a helmet, be sure to buy the helmet that fits rather than sticking with a specific brand. Colorado can get cold so be sure to pack thermals and other warm undergarments. Be sure to have enough clothes to layer up…this is the best way to stay warm. All our accommodation is fully equipped with washing facilities.

I have medical and dietary needs, can you accommodate me?

We are able to accommodate your medical and dietary needs. Special medical and dietary needs to be clearly stated on the necessary forms when registering. Once your registration has been handed in we will follow up with a phone call to make sure all your needs are met.


Airfares are not included in listed pricing. All our airfares are done through Mogul Ski World. Mogul Ski World offers a professional service and will organise group seating to allow us to sit and travel together.

Do I need Insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is compulsory when traveling to Colorado with Skiers Junction. Mogul Ski World can organise all your travel insurance needs.

Please contact Bruce: www.mogulski.com.au for more info.

Do I need competition insurance?

Yes. For competition and travel insurance please call Ski and Snowboard Australia (S.S.A): www.skiandsnowboard.org.au

Can I bring a laptop computer?

All our houses are wireless Internet friendly. We advise that you DO bring a laptop computer. Skype and the Internet are the best and cheapest ways to stay in contact with family and friends back home. We also encourage self-edit and video analysis. This is done much more efficiently if everyone has their own computers. If you don’t have a laptop computer, there will be a communal computer available that can be used.

Do I need spending money?

As advertised we supply three hearty meals per day. On occasions some athletes prefer to buy their lunch. If this is your preference please allow $15 USD per day to cover this meal. You may also want to consider our random stops at fuel stations (if you want an extra snack) and shopping centres…. and maybe a little extra incase of an emergency.
If you are competing in local events, these events will incur an entry fee. If the fee cannot be paid online please also allow for paying with cash/card at the event.

Drugs and Alcohol?

Skiers Junction has an absolute Zero Tolerance stance on drugs and Alcohol. You will be sent home on the next available flight at your own expense!

Please ‘Contact Us‘ and send as a message if you have any further questions.