2017 K2 Pinnacle 100 SKi Boot

The most forgiving flex in K2’s freeride boot collection, the Pinnacle 100 packs all the punch of our Synchro Interlock design to deliver a seamless all-mountain experience and a walk mode that actually works. The Pinnacle 100 has the K2 Cush Fit – a combination of standard open and closed cell EVA foam and heat-moldable foam at the ankle pockets to give your feet just the right amount of love.

Synchro Interlock, PowerFuse SpYne, Dual Cuff Alignment, Replaceable Outsoles, Padded Mid-Grip, 45mm Velcro Powerstrap
Boot Width:
Boot Flex:
Liner Fit:
No Color
Sizes Offered:
25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5


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Product Description


  • Synchro interlock
    Built on the Energy Interlock design platform, the Synchro Interlock enables the simultaneous release of both an internal wedge and the Interlock. When released, the Synchro Interlock delivers greater fore and aft range of motion for more efficient touring. Engaging the wedge and Interlock functionally creates an all-mountain boot, with 100% of the flex index and uncompromised downhill performance. This user-friendly design can be locked or released with the flick of a ski pole for on-the-go efficiency.
  • Powerfuse spyne
    A rear co-injected “Y” shaped design that adds strength and power to the Energy Interlock, the PowerFuse SpYne maximizes fore/aft flex efficiency and lateral stiffness for sustained performance and responsiveness in all terrain. Because of the SpYne, we are able to optimize materials in the cuff and shell, eliminating excessive vibrations in rough terrain.
  • Cuff alignment index


    Adjust +/- 2.2 degrees on medial and lateral sides for a total range of 4.4 degrees. This enables adjustment to the lower leg angle for maximum comfort and performance.


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