2018 Blizzard Quattro 6.9 Ti

Blizzard Quattro Design Concept

For groomed snow skiing we determined that Stability, Precision, Agility, and Control are the four key performance benefits that every skier is looking for in their ideal ski. However,  we understand that these benefits have different meanings for each individual skier based on their ability and personal preference. Conceptually, each Blizzard Quattro model is specifically designed to optimise these key benefits for you.

Blizzard Quattro Technology Concept

We specifically developed four different groups of technologies that optimise each Blizzard Quattro model’s ability to deliver amount of each of the key benefits to every individual skier.

Specifically designed Construction Technology for each model.
Specifically designed IQ System Technology for each model
Shape Concept (length, width, sidecut) that changes for every size of each model.
Rocker Concept that changes for each model.


Product Description


116-69-100 (174)
Full camber
IQ Sandwich Sidewall Ti + Carbon
CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY – The construction of a ski refers to the inside components, such as wood, polyurethane, fiberglass, or metal (Titinal). The ski’s construction controls both the stability and level of performance.  Within the Blizzard Quattro collection we use 7 different specifically designed constructions to optimise the level of stability and performance for every type of skier… For you.

BLIZZARD QUATTRO IQ SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY – The IQ System is a revolutionary binding interface unique to Blizzard. Completely Integrated into the framework of all Blizzard Quattro models and fixed by one central screw, the IQ System provides the Blizzard Quattro skis with a very natural flex curve and better transmission of energy from the skier to the ski. Three different IQ System configurations are found throughout the Blizzard Quattro collection. Each one is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements for their respective model.The IQ system plays an integral role in determining each Blizzard Quattro model’s level of precision and stability.

BLIZZARD QUATTRO SHAPE CONCEPT – The shape of a ski refers to 3 specific measurements, the width, length, and sidecut. The combination of these dimensions has a direct effect on the precision and agility of a ski or simply, how well a ski turns.

BLIZZARD QUATTRO ROCKER CONCEPT -The Rocker influences the ease and control of the ski, especially at the beginning of the turn. The Blizzard Quattro Rocker Concept is made up of 4 different rocker configurations ranging from 0mm to 6mm of tip and tail rocker. As the performance level of each model increases, the amount of rocker decreases. More rocker promotes easier entry and exit of the turn making the skis easier to use and easier to control. Less rocker increases the precision and power. Each Blizzard Quattro model is molded with the optimal amount of rocker for the performance and control needs of the target skier.


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