Built by skiers for skiers! Skiers Junction is 100% committed to skiing and the development of all of our participants. Don’t forget, skiing is FUN so whether you’re looking for that competition edge or just want to progress at your own pace with like-­-minded people, Skiers Junction has the staff, the experience, and the support to make it happen.

With supporters like Ski and Snowboard Australia, Team Buller Riders, Mogul Ski World and a list of industry product sponsors, you can be sure that the right training program, professional service, goals, progression, and environment will be set to meet every skiers individual goals and needs.

Get ready to ski, jump, and jib more features than you could ever imagine. With a coach ratio of 6:1 + support staff, you will benefit from extensive one on one feed back, video analysis, goal setting, and step by step progressions to help you break down any trick.

Take the best coaches, a fun learning environment, and perfect parks, and you have Skiers Junction. You will spend so much time doing all of the things that directly assist you in developing your skiing skills you are sure to improve out of sight.

Off snow training utilises all the activities available at the Recreation centre including Swimming, B’ Ball, Spin, weights room, squash courts, rock climbing and more. The Recreation centre  is visited extensively throughout the four week program and is a key aspect of our day to day training and recovery.

Skiers junction has great relationships with it’s supporters and sponsors ensuring the best programming and a swag of giveaways, prizes and special guest appearances from the industries most recognizable skiers from across the globe.

So whatever your goals or dreams, Skiers Junction has it covered. Live, experience, develop, grow and enjoy life in the environment that is Skiers Junction!

Our Mission:

Skiers Junction understands that to create the best leaning environment, first you have to have fun. We encourage situational learning and create an environment that best suits each individual athlete. We supply the best coaches and tap into each athletes learning capabilities whilst taking full advantage of Colorado’s super progressive Parks and dry land training facilities at Woodward at Copper pictured below.

Our Vision:

As skiers we want to see skiing prosper and continue to evolve. Watching events like Winter X and the progression of our sport is both inspiring and encouraging. We hope to direct and nurture Athletes towards their true and full potential without losing focus on where our discipline began. Progression starts with well-maintained progressive Parks, enthusiastic skiers, and a free mind where creativity and boundaries are not hindered by event ‘regulations’ but rather, the extent of a skier’s will and imagination!