That’s a wrap for 2015 – Lad photos attached:



Final week calls for dialling in tricks! Photos attached:


Park and POW!

Not only have we been blessed with prefect Parks and glorious sunshine but to break up the routine just a little, a fresh dump of snow came along to create powder smiles!

Photos below:


Its been a busy week of skiing, gym and Denver excursions…

Its been a busy week of skiing, gym and Denver excursions. We were sad to see Will and Lucas leave but we are stoked to welcome Archie to the Junction family.
Breck has been epic all week. The jumps have been amazing. Heaps of Pros. Lots of progression. Great early corduroy for trying new tricks. The kids have been ticking off their goals systematically. Focus and fun.  
Keystone is the sancuary away from the weekend crowds of Breck. It is the epicentre of new age alpine fashion. Move over Bogner, welcome Natural camo and no pole skiing. The kids honed their style and put the free back in freeskiing. Handplants and shuffles by the Roden brothers. Big jumps by the Johnsons and Biggins – 60ft, world class jumping. Banjo and Matt took tricks they had been working on at Breck to Key. Ollie did a mad 450 out.  
Today was a day off snow. We went to Denver. We hit up the biggest Thrift store in Denver – ARC. And experienced USA cuisine at Yazoo BBQ. Ribs, slaw and bbq sauce. Lucky their are no girls on the trip – it got saucy.
After 4 days on snow the kids are exhausted. So much so, they have been putting themselves to sleep before bedtime. We have established a solid routine. After todays day off snow we return tomorrow to Keystone fresh and excited to get it done.
Words: Watkin

The boys dry land training takes them to Woodward at Copper, plenty more smiles today!

IMG_20150112_161830 IMG_20150112_161932 IMG_20150112_164618 IMG_20150112_165324 IMG_20150112_165644 IMG_20150112_165658 IMG_20150112_165733 IMG_20150112_170238

Super Coach Watkin on the follow cam. Video analysis is a key part of our training, it also doubles as great footage for edits.

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Another perfect day at Breckenridge



Breck just keeps on giving – video analysis and DINNER | Feature Photo : Michael Giese


Skiing and recovery sessions go hand in hand.