Tour F10


Focusing on producing the right binding for the end user is Marker’s DNA.  The Tour F10 is an AT binding for the skier who wants a very light all-day touring rig with solid all-mountain performance.

Large: sole length 305-365mm, weight 1998 g
Small: sole length 265-325mm, weight 1960 g

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DIN range 3 – 10
Recom. Skier’s Weight 30 – 105 kg
Height w/o ski 36 mm
Brake Width 90mm
Toe System Triple Pivot Light
Gliding AFD Height Adjustable*
Step-in heel Hollow Linkage
EPS system Dual-screw Brake Pad
Color Combinations black / white / red
Weight (pair) 1960 g (S)
Art. No. 7716M1.TC (S), 7716M1.TD (L)



Triple Pivot Light Toe – This compact design features a horizontally oriented spring. The Triple Pivot Light toe offers a unique combination of lightweight and solid power transmission. Teflon® shoes reduce wear and further improve power transmission.

Pivot Plate – A hollow stainless steel pivot point with a bushing provides higher stability without adding weight. Additional Teflon® coating on the bottom reduces snow adhesion.

Gliding AFD – Height adjustable, allows a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow and ice buildup. A rubber sleeve around the AFD screw keeps snow and ice from sticking. An additional Teflon® coating underneath further reduces ice adhesion.


Hollow Tech – Marker’s reinforced frame provides impressive stability and yet is very light, thanks to a hollow, gas injected construction.

Hollow Linkage Heel – The Hollow Linkage Heel features a hollow horizontal axle that saves weight and maximizes power transmission, creating a light weight product with phenomenal power transmission.

EPS System – Dual-screw brake pad

Climbing Aid – Offers positions at 7 degrees and 13 degrees that can easily be accessed with the ski pole.

Backcountry Comfort – The patented, ergonomically shaped lever under the boot allows comfortable opening and closing. The actuating arm for moving from ski to hike mode is made of Carbon.

Touring Base Plate – The wide frame construction is secured at several positions, perfectly distributing the pressure for unparalleled skiing performance.



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