Down Day in Denver

On our second day off snow we headed to Denver. It was a welcome change to the frigid conditions of Summit County. The balmy weather reminded us of what we were missing back home. So, with our homeward thoughts we sort out the best coffee in town. Publo’s Café is praised by the hippest Denverites for its quadruple shot latte. James Thompson had to have one, the little guy passed the coaches table with a cheeky smile. The coaches were terrified. Lucky he spilt most of it.


Description: Nick, Callum


Description: James had a Coffee.

 The next stop was South Broadway, full of vintage shops, it was a good place to play dress ups and find a bargain. FJ almost walked away in some cowboy boots, and Lachlan Richards traveled back to the 1970s in a tie-dye Colorado T-shirt.


Description: The A-Team after thrift shopping


Description: Huw with his new jacket

 Lunch was next. We went to the only place in town that boasted shit Mexican themed food, live entertainment and a South Park episode in its honour… Casa Banitas!!!! It was disgusting but awesome like so many American experiences.


Description: Casa Bonita


Finally, we drove around exploring the surrounding suburbs of Denver. The junctioners gazed out the window amazed at the different people around the streets.

 We got home exhausted and prepared for our first day at Breckenridge.

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