Finding The Key To A Good Time

It doesn’t get any better in Summit County. The chills of last week are behind us. Doodle wore sunnies and hoodies were out in full force. It even got above zero.


Most of the guys leave in 2 day’s, so today was their second last day on snow. It went down. Rob Barron, Nic’s Dad visited from Aspen and tried his feet out on a few boxes and Nic showed him how it’s done… unnatural. Harry hiked a rail, searching for the elusive 450 off, whilst Gilbert tried to reclaim them. James slid rails for days, almost and Jac got back out there after a couple days taken it easy with a sore knee.



Lunch was full of BBQ sauce and smiles and we treated our selves to a Wendy’s stop on the way home from the hill. It was one of the longest days of the trip. Skiing 8.30am until 3.30pm. At this altitude with a turbo charged park like Keystone, it ain’t easy.



Happy MLK day! We will be glad to see the crowds return to Denver. Tomorrow it’s off to Breck to touch the sky for one last time… for most. On the bright side, its only 6 months until the Aussie winter!

A Typical Day In Park Lane

We woke at 7am to Doodle’s newest favourite song by the Momas and the Papas. Slowly the junctioners appeared in the kitchen. The sun was shining outside and the weather report was promisingly warm.

 Out the door by 8am, we drove 15 minutes to Breckenridge, just in time for first lift. The park, Park Lane was looking perfect. Next door, the USA Slopestyle Team trained in Freeway (the plus size park full of 60 to 80 ft jumps and jumbo rail features).




We warmed up then began to work on the tricks we’d talked about that morning. Harry worked on unnatural flatspins. James stepped up to a few of the bigger jumps. Nic Barron and Gilbert tried to nail their mute 3s. Will was trying blind 270s of everything, meanwhile Nic Stevens found his feet again after an ankle injury 2 weeks ago and Ollie worked on styling out his switch 7s. However, the day went to Ryley who took things double with double cork 12s.




After the snow we headed into the gym for a recovery session with Anthony, SSA strength and conditioning coach.


Tonight we will sleep soundly with roast pork in our belly. Thanks Jackie.

First Day At Breckenridge

Today was the teams first day up at Breckenridge resort. Due to snow making allocation Park Lane (the medium scale park) was not fully operational but was still a fun day. The morning was spent lapping Park Lane to get used to the new features and obstacles.


Description: Adam & Ryley


Description: Skiing at 10,000 FT.


Description: Nick

Down Day in Denver

On our second day off snow we headed to Denver. It was a welcome change to the frigid conditions of Summit County. The balmy weather reminded us of what we were missing back home. So, with our homeward thoughts we sort out the best coffee in town. Publo’s Café is praised by the hippest Denverites for its quadruple shot latte. James Thompson had to have one, the little guy passed the coaches table with a cheeky smile. The coaches were terrified. Lucky he spilt most of it.


Description: Nick, Callum


Description: James had a Coffee.

 The next stop was South Broadway, full of vintage shops, it was a good place to play dress ups and find a bargain. FJ almost walked away in some cowboy boots, and Lachlan Richards traveled back to the 1970s in a tie-dye Colorado T-shirt.


Description: The A-Team after thrift shopping


Description: Huw with his new jacket

 Lunch was next. We went to the only place in town that boasted shit Mexican themed food, live entertainment and a South Park episode in its honour… Casa Banitas!!!! It was disgusting but awesome like so many American experiences.


Description: Casa Bonita


Finally, we drove around exploring the surrounding suburbs of Denver. The junctioners gazed out the window amazed at the different people around the streets.

 We got home exhausted and prepared for our first day at Breckenridge.


After another amazing day at Keystone the crew heading home on onwards to Woodward for some Dry Slope, Tramp time!



Description: Lachlan and Jac getting excited for the dry slope.

Description: Jac ready to drop on the dry slope.

SJ First Day on Snow 2012

Was a cold first day at keystone with the mercury dropping out at -10c. Keeping warm and easing into the day was the order. All in all a great first session. Stay tuned for more..

Description: Some of the crew at the bottom of Keystone!! From right to left: James, Harry, Gilbert, Nic, Lachlan, Adam, James Richards, Will, Ryley, Sean, Doodle, Murs, Oliver and Jac

Description: Will

Description: Gilbert & James

Description: Harry.