Finding The Key To A Good Time

It doesn’t get any better in Summit County. The chills of last week are behind us. Doodle wore sunnies and hoodies were out in full force. It even got above zero.


Most of the guys leave in 2 day’s, so today was their second last day on snow. It went down. Rob Barron, Nic’s Dad visited from Aspen and tried his feet out on a few boxes and Nic showed him how it’s done… unnatural. Harry hiked a rail, searching for the elusive 450 off, whilst Gilbert tried to reclaim them. James slid rails for days, almost and Jac got back out there after a couple days taken it easy with a sore knee.



Lunch was full of BBQ sauce and smiles and we treated our selves to a Wendy’s stop on the way home from the hill. It was one of the longest days of the trip. Skiing 8.30am until 3.30pm. At this altitude with a turbo charged park like Keystone, it ain’t easy.



Happy MLK day! We will be glad to see the crowds return to Denver. Tomorrow it’s off to Breck to touch the sky for one last time… for most. On the bright side, its only 6 months until the Aussie winter!

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